FitClic U-Dry Motorcycle Kit


You don't follow the crowd when choosing your smartphone. But you still want to benefit from the navigation/fitness apps when going out on your motorcycle while having your phone securely mounted and fully protected against the elements. You also want the convenience and security offered by the FitClic twist-lock mounting system. The FitClic U-Dry Motorcycle Kit is your best choice.

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$ 39.00

This Kit contains 1 FitClic U-Dry universal waterproof pouch and 1 Motorcycle Ball Mount Lite.

About the U-Dry Pouch

  • High Frequency Welding technology ensures water-tight protection to your phone against rain, sweat, snow, dirt and mud
  • Universally fits phones of 3.5” to 6.2” in screen size
  • Universally fits phones without a case but placed inside the inner tray, with max. dimensions 158.4 x 78.1 x 7.5 mm
  • When tray removed, universally fits phones (or phones with a slim case) directly inside the pouch, with max. dimensions 170 x 81 x 11mm.
  • Touchscreen operable
  • Pocket-friendly design
  • Works with all FitClic Neo mounts
  • Light weight: 58g

About the Mortorcycle Ball Mount Lite

  • Mount base with ball-joint designed for ease of adjusting smartphone's viewing angles
  • Ball size is TECHMOUNTS compatible
  • The set comes with exchangeable spacers to adapt to bar sizes from Ø20 to Ø30.5
  • For oversized bars or bars/rails of irregular shape, attachment by zip ties is also available
  • Alternatively, it is also possible to permanently attach the mount on the dashboard with the supplied screws
  • Bracket with Fitclic mounting mechanism and patented Dual Lock ensures phone case/cradle can be securely attached on the motorcycle even under the most severe road conditions
  • Works with all Fitclic cases and cradles Weight: 133g (full set)

Package includes Ball Mount with Fitclic mounting shoe, exchangeable bases for different mounting options, spacers, zip ties and screws


For more information on FitClic twist-lock mounting system, click here.

  • ACTIVITY Motorcycle
  • DEVICE One Plus 7;One Plus 7 Pro ;Amazon Fire;Galaxy S10+;Galaxy Note 4;Galaxy Note 5;Galaxy Note 8 ;Galaxy S10;Galaxy S10e;Galaxy S3;Galaxy S4;Galaxy S5;Galaxy S5 / S4;Galaxy S6;Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge;Galaxy S6 Edge;Galaxy S6 Edge+;Galaxy S6/S6 Edge;Galaxy S7;Galaxy S7 Edge;Galaxy S8;Galaxy S8+;GALAXY S9;GALAXY S9+;Google Pixel 3;Google Pixel 3 XL;Huawei Mate 20;Huawei Mate 20 Pro;Huawei P30;Huawei P30 Pro;iPhone 4/4S;iPhone 5/5s;iPhone 5/5S/SE;iPhone 5c;iPhone 6+/6S+;iPhone 6/6s;iPhone 6/6s +;iPhone 7;iPhone 7+;iPhone 7+/8+;iPhone 7/7+;iPhone 7/8;iPhone 8;iPhone 8+;iPhone 8/8+;iPhone Series 4 & 5;iPhone Series 6;iPhone X/XS;iPhone XR;iPhone XS Max;OnePlus 6T;Other;SAMSUNG NOTE 9;Universal;Huawei P30 Lite;Samsung Note 10-10+
  • PROTECTION Rain;Shock absorbing;Shock-Absorbing;Waterproof IP 68;Waterproof IP68;Waterproof IPX4