BikeConsole Power Plus Lite Pack for Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6 and BikeConsole SMART


For some older models of BikeConsole (ie. Galaxy S3/S4/S5) this is a DIY kit to convert the BikeConsole case into a rechargeable case with power source plugged-in from the Charge-thru mounting bracket. For new models of BikeConsole and BikeConsole SMART, this is a spare Charge-thru mounting bracket

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$ 17.99

- Charge-thru mounting bracket (model: IPBK-03) allows you to plug in the power source from the bracket's micro USB port which is then channelled to the micro-USB connector inside the BikeConsole case
- No fiddling of charging cables running out of the BikeConsole case
- The included micro-USB connector module is for retrofitting some older models of BikeConsole (ie. from Galaxy S3 to S5) to make it rechargeable
- Package includes Charge-thru mounting bracket (IPBK-03), micro USB connector module, screws

  • ACTIVITY Bike;Motorcycle
  • DEVICE Galaxy S3;Galaxy Note 4;Galaxy S6 Edge+;Galaxy Note 5;Universal;Galaxy S4;Galaxy S5;Galaxy S6 Edge;Galaxy S6
  • SPECIFICATION Accessory;Power Solution;Mount