How to properly protect your smartphone according to your lifestyle and activities?


At Tigra Sport, the protection of the smartphone is at the heart of our concerns. That's why all cases cover the edges of your phone to protect the screen from scratches. Our cases can be used everyday, whether you are at the office or ride your bike, at rest or on a motorbike ...


Materials known for their robustness, polycarbonate and TPU, are used in FitClic Neo cases. The arrangement of the polycarbonate in a spatial structure is ideal for shock absorption. Another advantage of this case is the flat surface at the back, allowing to lay flat on a table - the fixing system being integrated into the case.


This model of cases is available for :

-          iPhone from iPhone 6 / 6s to the latest launched models, iPhones XR and XS Max

-          the Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S8 + and S9 +


Which accessories can you find for these cases ?

FITCLIC NEO ArmorShield protection :                                                                                  

This protection is attached to your phone when equipped with a FITCLIC NEO case. It aims to protect your phone in wet weather, or during use in extreme conditions (mountain bike or motorcycle, during trails ...). It is therefore an IPX3 protection against splashes, dust, mud ... which means that the case is not submersible. It is also a protection against shocks thanks to reinforcements designed in a material with high absorption qualities.


ArmorShield protections are available for iPhone 6+/ 6s+/7+/8+/X/XS/XR/XS Max iPhones.

FITCLIC NEO Wallet-Cover :

For people who want to stay light in everyday life, nothing like the wallet-cover in which you will find your smartphone, your credit cards, some bills... At Tigra Sport, we thought about them with this folio equipped with the Fitclic Neo system.


Which other cases FITCLIC NEO can be found at TIGRA SPORT ?


To meet the needs of the greatest number, we have extended the FITCLIC NEO mounting system to other smartphones models and brands. The backs of these cases, called LITE, are made in a transparent polycarbonate; the TPU sides cover the edges of the smartphone allowing good protection of the screen and effective absorption of shocks.


This case model is available for the following smartphones:

-          iPhone 5 and 5S;

-          Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Note 9, A5 / A8 2018;

-          Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro, Huawei P20 and P20 Pro;

-          OnePlus 5.5T, 6.6T;

-          Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL;

-          LG G7;

-          Motorola Z3 Play;

-          Xiaomi MiX2S;


Some of you are looking for extreme protection against both shocks and weather, such as rain, mud, snow, dust, sand ... The DRY FITCLIC NEO case is rated IP68, which means it resists to water up to 2 meters deep for 30 minutes. It has also been tested to withstand drops up to 2 meters at any angle.

The FICTLIC NEO DRY case is available for iPhones from the iPhone 6/6s to the latest models released, the iPhone XR and XS Max and also the Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S8 + and S9 +.