Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Mount
I looked around a lot to find a good bike mount for my S7 Edge. I use OSMAND for navigation based on routes I build at and need to have my phone clearly visible to navigate. This mount keeps my phone front and centre on the bike. The mount itself is very secure, and the phone case is more than adequate. The screen cover does not interfere with the touch sensitivity on my screen, and I really feel that the phone is protected in case I happen to go over (infrequent... but it has happened). Sure there is a bit of glare, but I still find my phone screen easy to see in bright sunlight.

There are three other things I like.

- This has better tilt than their main competitor so I can actually take video while riding with the camera facing forward.
- This is about half the price of the main competitor for what appears to be better functionality and quality
- The company actually responds to email questions after the order! Quickly. Amazing.

Thanks for a great solution to my need.
looking for the best case for my IPhone 6sPlus
Wow! I just got this in the mail. I must say that after searching all the "Top end" bike shops looking for the best case for my IPhone 6sPlus, Nothing came even close to this case.
The quality is amazing. I use to use a LifeProof case on my I-Stuff. But after getting this case, I will not be using LifeProof again.
It also mounts perfectly on my bike. The installation was simply and everything that I needed was included in the box.
So happy that I found this case. None of my local bikes shops carried this. Not sure why because they didn't have this case. It is by far the best case that I have ever purchased. It traveled very well on my bike with zero problems.
BTW, it even looks good.
Samsung Galaxy 6 Bike Mount
I don't have other S6 bike mounts to compare to, but this is probably the best of the Samsung mounts (for prior phones) - Tigra gets more complex each version. Perhaps a simplified version would be a good option as well, but this serves my purposes.

- Solid protection
- Battery (with that option of course - now a necessity with the non-removable battery in the 6)
- Convenient method for earphone plug (I needed an additional adapter in prior model)
- plastic cover screen reflects glare (even with polarized sunglasses)
- battery pack connection via contacts is not consistent - I've reverted to running a cable from the battery pack into the phone through the case (it's a positive that this system allows either method)
I found it a little difficult initially to fit the phone in the case with the 2 cables (earphone and power).. .I had to learn to pull the earphone cable down to a minimum-in-the-case amount, and use the internal guides to hide the power cable as much as possible.
And, as above, I found the contact-method for power to be flaky.
Once I figured all that out, it has been working very well.