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Fitclic: Heavy-Duty Phone Mounts and Holders

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It is very useful to have your smartphone securely attached on your bike when riding. You can benefit from all your smartphone functions, such as cycle computer, GPS, heart rate monitoring, etc. The Fitclic Bike Strap...
You need your phone within easy reach while you're in the car to get your phone calls, to use your GPS App, to listen to your music... You need something unobtrusive, yet can mount your phone securely in all road...
It is nice to have your smartphone around when going out for jogging or working out at the gym. The Fitclic Armband is one of the slimmest, most comfortable and easiest to use of its kind.
You love your old phone or phone case and don't want to change. But still you want to enjoy the freedom and convenience of the Fitclic mounting system. Stick a U-TAG! It is the ultimate Fitclic MountCase substitute...
You want to always have your smartphone within easy reach, on your belt, pocket or backpack strap wherever you go? You want to always know where it is? The MountCase Belt Clip is the solution. It is one of the...
You don't follow the crowd when choosing your smartphone. But you still want to benefit from the navigation/fitness apps when going out on your bike while having your phone securely mounted and fully protected against...
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