FitClic Motorcycle Stem Mount

To use your phone as a satnav and communication device on your sports motorcycle, you need a mounting system that is super secure, requires no effort to mount and take off your phone, and allows you to adjust your phone’s viewing angle at all times without the hassle of using a tool. Featuring an aluminum ball joint and versatile anchorage combinations that fit into almost any sports motorcycle fork stem tube, the FitClic Motorcycle Stem Mount is the best solution for you.


FitClic is one of the lightest, strongest and easiest to use mechanical twist-lock mounting systems for smartphones in the market. Its patented spring-lock system has been trusted by millions of users worldwide.

Model Code: MC-MSM

  •  Alloy expansion anchor plus spacers of 5 different sizes fit into fork stem tubes of ID 12.8 to 35mm, the widest range in the market 
  • 17mm ball head made of aluminum for ultimate security
  • Ball joint designed to be able to adjust phone viewing angles on the move with single hand
  • High-precision threads and oversized tightening knob ensure smooth angle adjustment, completely tool-free
  • Mount base made of engineering plastics with stainless steel hardware inserts
  • Easy installation
  • With Goof-ProofTM lock for extra security
  • Works with all FitClic cases(not included)
  • Weight:  86g (mount only)
  • Package includes mount, spacers (5 sizes) and Allen key

FitClic Motorcycle Stem Mount is not compatible with sport bikes that have a non-cylindrical slot. 

Warning: although our products have been designed to protect your phone from shock and vibration, your phone may contain delicate components that are not designed to endure the kind of vibration generated by a thumper or other kinds of vehicles that produce excessive vibration due to engine design or maintenance. Users are taking their own risk by using their phones on such vehicles.

* Based on a study on 8 common phone-specific mounting systems in the market comparing the total time required to successfully attach the phone case on the mount as well as the maximum force the system can resist before sending the phone to the ground.

** These include the storage and access of data, all wireless communication functions, and the compass. Inductive wireless charging might be hampered.

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