BikeCharge Power Converter

You are already using a hub dynamo. Now with the BikeCharge Power Converter, you can convert power output from hub dynamo to regulated USB (5V DC) power. You may use it to directly charge your devices, or store it up with a battery pack. The BikeCharge Power Converter is light and powerful, and can be easily installed on the bike. It comes with a USB port.


- Works with most common hub dynamos in the market
- Low speed efficiency: typically starts output at 5-6kmh and reaches maximum at 18-20kmh (on 26" wheels)
- SMART circuitry: if light and USB devices are both connected, light will always be given priority with light intensity unaffected
- SMART circuitry: USB port can charge most common smartphones and USB-powered devices*
- 3 lighting modes to choose from: 1. Light ON; 2. Light AUTO (light will switch on only if ambient ligh is dim); 3. Light OFF (all power goes to USB)
- High speed protection triggered at above 40kmh
- Input: AC 0-50V
- Output: DC 5V (USB compatible) 600mAh max.
- Waterproof
- Weight: 87g
- Package includes Power Converter, zip ties
* Due to the unsteady nature of power output from pedalling, it may have issues with some smartphones equipped with power management systems (eg. iPhone). Users are recommended to use this Power Converter to charge a battery pack which in turn charges the phone

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