The cargo bike trend

Today, the place of the bicycle in society is more and more highlighted. Indeed, its environmental benefits are not negligible. Many people are trading in their cars for bicycles, a more ecological, economical and pleasant means of transportation. The bicycle market is expanding and new models of bicycles are appearing in large and small cities.

Presentation of the cargo bike

The cargo bike is not a classic bike. It is different from the city bike, the mountain bike and the racing bike. At the same time, it does not have the same use. Depending on the model of cargo bike you choose, it will be more or less imposing. It can have two or three wheels and is known for carrying heavy loads or people. This type of bike is often found among couriers who transport packages. You have the option of purchasing a cargo bike with electric assistance...or not, it's up to you. To acquire a cargo bike, you need to count between 2 000 € and 9 000 €. The price is variable depending on what you want and need: electric assistance, longtail configuration, three-wheeler, two-wheeler, adding cargo bike

Why choose a cargo bike?

  • Electric assistance: If you're looking for a substitute for the car, you've come to the right place. The cargo bike offers many advantages and can be adapted to your life. Thanks to the electric assistance, there is very little effort to make, you almost forget that you are on a bike. It is not mandatory to have an electric assistance on this type of bike, everything depends on the use you will make of it. However, we recommend it for your comfort.
  • Safety and maneuverability: You might think that the cargo bike is not practical to ride, but it is quite the opposite. The cargo bike has been designed to be easy to ride and maneuver in the city.
  • The ability to have space for children, pets and shopping: There are different configurations of cargo bikes. Depending on your needs, you can have a space for your children (in the front or back of the bike), a space to put groceries and even your pet! The cargo bike adapts to your life!

  • Economical: Having a cargo bike is a great investment. If you can afford it, it will become your only means of transportation. No need to put gasoline, no more car insurance. You combine the advantage of a 2-wheeled vehicle, which can go everywhere without having to pay for a full tank of gas.

cargo bike couple

The essential accessories when you have a cargo bike

When you ride a cargo bike, you will find the same essential accessories as on a classic bike.

  • The helmet: Because safety is a primary criterion, the helmet for bicycle must always be worn. It protects your head from shocks and protects you if one day you have an accident.

  • The bell: To warn you of your passage, the bell comes in all shapes and colors imaginable. It is essential to be heard when there is a danger.

  • Lighting: When winter arrives or when riding at night, having a good lighting on your bike allows you to see several meters ahead and offers a better visibility. In addition, lighting allows you to be seen around others (cars, pedestrians, cyclists).

  • The phone holder: To take advantage of all the features of your phone while you ride, we advise you to invest in a smartphone holder that can be attached to the handlebars, handlebars or stem. At Tigra Sport, we have practical and sturdy bike mounts and cases designed for all types of bikes. Are you unsure about the cargo bike and want to learn about other bike models? You can check out our article on How to choose your electric bike.

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