How to fix your phone ?

With the development of mobile applications, especially GPS location-based applications, the use of mobile phones is becoming essential. Whether you're wondering how to find your way home in a car or how to make a safe call with a wireless hands-free kit on a motorbike, your mobile phone must be securely attached, yet accessible, in the safest possible way. If you receive a call on a motorbike, it is mandatory to have an intercom. If you receive a call in a car, it is mandatory to have a hands-free kit to be able to take the call. Whatever the type of smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, Huawei...), you will always find a solution at Tigra Sport among all our product ranges. Whether you use it as a GPS in the car, on a motorbike or on a bike, Tigra Sport offers mounts for each of your activities.

Tigra Sport offers two ranges of smartphone mounts: the Fitclic range and the Fitclic Neo range. Each one comes in different mounts for the bike, the car, running or the office... The difference is the mounting head, i.e. the upper part of the bracket.

How does the Fitclic Neo mounting system work? It works in two stages, with a first magnetic lock reinforced by a mechanical action for better security. Small magnets, 6 in total, are integrated on both sides of the case and the holder, which will allow the shell of your phone to be positioned directly on the holder. The magnets are small enough not to interfere with your phone. An automatic mechanical lock then secures your smartphone to the holder. This double attachment ensures that your smartphone can be used in all conditions, even the most extreme. The FitClic Neo mobile phone mounting system is the most innovative and one of the best on the market. It is the only one to offer a combination of magnetic and mechanical fastening. It is considered to be the easiest to use and most robust smartphone mounting system. The price of a FitClic Neo smartphone mounting kit ranges from 45€ to 69€.

How does the Fitclic mounting system work? It is a mechanical fastening system. With a quarter turn, your mobile phone is fixed on the FitClic holder. Just as reliable and robust as the FitClic Neo system, the FitClic smartphone holders and covers have a stylish design. The price of a FitClic smartphone mounting kit varies between 39.90€ and 59.90€. The installation of your mount on the handlebars of your bike, motorbike, scooter or on the windscreen, air vent or dashboard of your car is done in a few minutes, without the need for additional tools. All accessories are supplied with the holder.

Tigra Sport offers covers for smartphones of the brands iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Huawei and Google Pixel. If you have a mobile phone of another brand, don't worry, Tigra Sport has thought of you and offers various universal solutions.

  • The universal waterproof case, available with a FitClic or FitClic Neo attachment, alone or in kit with the bike handlebar attachment or the motorbike handlebar attachment. Standard size, it accommodates phones with screens between 3.5 and 6.2 inches.
  • The universal adhesive attachment, also available in FitClic and FitClic Neo, is attached to the back of the case of your choice.
  • The U-FitGrip universal cradle, available with a FitClic or FitClic Neo attachment, alone or as a kit with the bike handlebar attachment. It accommodates phones with or without a case, up to 10.5cm wide.

How do you protect your phone in case of bad weather? There are Armorshield dry shells and waterproof protective covers compatible with FitClic and FitClic Neo mounts and shells.

How to fix your phone on a motorbike?

When riding a motorbike, your smartphone can be indispensable, whether you want to use it as a gps or receive a call with a wireless hands-free kit. You can find 3 models of motorbike phone mounts:

motorcycle mount with a phone case

  • A holder to be fixed to the handlebars of the motorbike which allows you to keep your eyes on the road while looking at the GPS. It is suitable for motorbikes with 34mm handlebars and also for 28, 25 and 22mm handlebars with the shims included in the pack. The motorbike handlebar mount is perfect for the Suzuki GSX-S1000GT for example.
  • A bracket to be fixed at the trigger guard screws, for bikes with M8 handlebars or handlebars with trigger guard screws. This allows you to attach your mobile phone to one of these 4 screws and enjoy the functionality of your smartphone in complete safety.
  • A sport bike mount, which is attached to the fork stem. Your mobile phone is thus fixed in the center of the dashboard and allows you to enjoy optimal comfort. The sport bike mount is compatible with the Suzuki GSX-R125.

The mounting heads of these 3 mounts are mounted on a ball pin. This allows you to adjust the position of your smartphone very easily when you first install it. Choose the best screen orientation by rotating the phone. Each mount features the GoofProofTM double locking system for added security.

In addition to these mounts, there is a vibration absorber available only in the FitClic Neo range. It guarantees a better absorption of vibrations and thus protects the most fragile components of your laptop. When riding a motorbike, vibrations from the engine can damage the stabilizer of your camera.

How to fix your phone on a bike?

Whether you use your bike as a means of transportation, for leisure or sport (road bike, mountain bike...), the different bike mounts for smartphone proposed by Tigra Sport are adapted to all practices. The mounts allow you to keep your cell phone within reach and enjoy its features easily. Whether it's to follow your performance on Strava or to take a picture from a nice point of view. Here are the 3 types of bike mounts: 

bike mount with a phone case

  • A bike handlebar/stem mount that can be attached to both the handlebars and stem of your bike. A simple, compact and ideal solution for your city bike or for your mountain bike rides. This mount can also be attached to a scooter. This support is very well placed in terms of price.
  • A remote bike mount that attaches to the left side of your bike's handlebars, putting the phone in a central position, in line with the bike's stem. The phone is in a central position, in line with the stem of the bike, so you benefit from an optimal comfort of use, without taking your eyes off the road. This holder is equipped with a bracket for GoPro. You will be able to film the road. The remote bike mount is recommended for road bikes in particular.
  • A bike stem support which is fixed on the stem of your stem and allows a central position of your smartphone.

How to fix your phone in the car?

Image In the car, whether you use Plan on an iPhone, Google Maps or Waze on an Android smartphone, your smartphone must be in a convenient place to follow your GPS. Instead of putting it on the dashboard of your car at the risk of dropping it, we offer you our different solutions. There are 2 models of car phone holders that fit most vehicles:

mount car with a phone case

  • A car mount that attaches to the air vent of your car. It is compatible with 90% of the car air vents. It stays in place even if you use the air conditioning or heater at full power.
  • A suction cup car mount that can be installed on your windshield or dashboard, depending on your vehicle configuration. It has an adjustable arm that allows you to orient the screen of your laptop for better visibility. If you want to change the location of your mount, for example from the windshield to the dashboard of your car, don't forget to clean it first.

How to mount your phone on a scooter?

You ride a scooter for your daily commute or on the weekend for your pleasure. Whatever the use, it is always convenient to be able to fix your phone on your scooter. Our solution to fix your Iphone or your Android on your scooter: A mount that attaches to the mirror post of your scooter and allows good visibility while having easy access to your phone. It adapts to 10, 12, 14 and 16 millimeter diameter rods thanks to the shims provided. Thanks to all our brackets, you will never again ask yourself the question: "How do I fix my phone in my car/on my motorcycle/on my bike/scooter? Moreover, the delivery is offered from 60€ of purchase.

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