Presentation of motorcycle accessories for this summer

Summer is almost here ! The heat, the nice weather, the evenings with friends watching the sunset and the motorcycle rides. Nothing better than to take advantage of the lengthening days for long motorcycle rides in the countryside, at the sea or in the mountains. For this summer, it is important to equip your motorcycle with accessories for your comfort. In this article, we offer you the best Tigra Sport accessories for your motorcycle.

Motorcycle phone mount

Whether you are going on a road trip or simply riding with friends, the motorcycle phone mount is a must. At Tigra Sport, we offer you motorcycle phone mounts and cases. 4 motorcycle mounts are available depending on the model of your motorcycle. There is inevitably a mount for which you will fall for. In addition, there is the presence of a ball joint on the mount that allows you to adjust the position of the smartphone. You can choose the orientation of your phone in portrait or landscape, depending on your needs. The motorcycle handlebar mount is available in our 2 mounting systems FitClic and FitClic Neo. Our cases are compatible with the handlebar mount, by choosing the same mounting system for the case and the mount. For the bikers who prefer to have a mount on the trigger guard, we have a dedicated motorcycle mount: the pin mount. The mount was designed for all metric motorcycles that are equipped with an M8 handlebar with a trigger guard screw. For mounting, 3 replacement bolts are provided: 50mm, 55mm and 60mm. With this type of mount, you have a central fixation on your motorcycle and you have an excellent visibility when you ride. For sport bike owners, we have the mount for you. The stem mount is the motorcycle phone mount for all those people who can't attach a phone mount to the handlebars. In the package, we provide you with spacers in 5 different sizes ranging from 12.8 to 35mm, the widest on the market. The installation of the mount is quick and easy. Once the mount is installed you can enjoy all the features of your smartphone without any problem. The last mount of the motorcycle range is the scooter mirror mount. The mount is compatible with the mirror rods of scooters and motorcycles of 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm in diameter. The mount is so discreet that it blends in perfectly with your vehicle. Once you've chosen your motorcycle mount, all you have to do is choose your smartphone model and you're ready to ride. Feel free to browse our motorcycle phone mounts and cases.Tigra Sport pin mount FitClic Neo

The vibration dampener

The essential accessory for motorcycle enthusiasts. Nowadays, the components of our smartphones are more and more fragile and do not resist to the vibrations of some motorcycle models. The camera stabilizer breaks and it becomes impossible to take pictures or videos. In order to avoid this type of problem, we have designed a vibration absorber which is fixed in the middle of the mounting head. This accessory will reduce the vibrations of the bike and preserve the components of your smartphone. An additional security not to be neglected. At the heart of the vibration dampener is an air suspension made of elastomer material that absorbs vibrations. It took several tests to find the right balance between absorption, vibration, stability and safety. By using the Tigra Sport vibration dampener you reduce the high frequency vibrations by 60%. The vibration dampener module is only compatible with the following products belonging to the FitClic Neo motorcycle phone mounting system: motorcycle handlebar mount, motorcycle stem mount, motorcycle pin mount, scooter mirror mountTigra Sport vibratio dampener fitclic neo

ArmorShield for iPhone

This accessory may seem futile for summer, but you'll understand that it doesn't just protect against rain. The Armorshield is a touchscreen protection for your iPhone that protects from rain, mud, hail and dust. In the summer, there is more pollution and dust particles that fly and dirty the screen of your iPhone when you drive. It's not nice to not be able to see your screen or to have to clean it every time you ride. So that you don't have to worry about this type of problem anymore, we recommend this accessory for the summer (and for the rest of the year for that matter). The Armorshield is placed on the screen of your iPhone. You must already have the protective shell to use the Armorshield screen protector. So, which Tigra Sport accessory will you choose this summer for your bike?Tigra Sport armoshield protection

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