Bike + Phone: phone holders for cycling

Bike + Smartphone: Tigra Sport phone mounts and protective cases

The bicycle is now a means of getting around which is evolving rapidly, as it becomes the preferred means of transport in many cities, especially among young working people.

But cycling is also a sport, practicable on road as well as off-road, and it is essential that your smartphone is well protected during your outings.

With Tigra Sport phone holders, always keep your smartphone accessible, while protecting it effectively thanks to our protective cases.

Tigra Sport phone mounts for cycling:

In order to best meet everyone's expectations, we have developed three different bike racks.

The first, and the most versatile, is the Bike Strap Mount. Easy to install, it allows you to keep your phone easily accessible, whether it's to use a GPS application, or simply to keep your phone accessible in all situations. In the same process, the top of the holder is rotatable, and allows a 360 ° rotation, in order to choose the direction of your phone according to the use you make of it. In addition to being easy to install, our support is adaptable according to the diameter of the bar, which can range from 20 to 45mm.

The second is the Bike Stem Cap Mount. The aluminum structure of the stand makes it robust and makes it the ideal accessory for your outings on the road or mountain bike. It remains simple to install, since it attaches directly to the stem of your bike (suitable for 31.8mm diameter stem heads). Like the Handlebar / Stem Support, the top of the support is rotatable.

Finally, the Bike Forward Mount offers a different phone position, and allows you to see the phone screen without taking your eyes off the road. 360 ° rotation is also present, in order to orient your screen in the desired direction. The Remote Mount is also the ideal mount for video enthusiasts, as it comes with a removable GoPro adapter, allowing you to attach an action cam to the front, under the smartphone. This Offset support is designed for bars ranging from 25.4 to 31.8mm in diameter.tigra sport mount rider

Tigra Sport phone cases with FitClic and FitClic Neo mounting for cycling:

In order to get the most out of the Tigra Sport mounting brackets, you will need a protective cover from the brand.

Available for a wide range of smartphone manufacturers - Apple, Samsung, Google Pixel, Huawei, OnePlus - and for many models - all models of iPhone, Galaxy S and Note, Mate and Pro… - Tigra protective cases are both strong and light.

Our FitClic and FitClic Neo protective cases protect your smartphone from everyday shocks, while keeping a slim size that fits in your pocket, ideal for everyday use. Thus, you can easily attach your smartphone to the various Tigra Sport mounts, ranging from motorcycle, scooter and bicycle mounts to car mounts, running mounts, etc.

However, the classic cases are not the only ones we offer, since we have also created waterproof rain protectors. Whether it's the Dry or Armorshield cases, our rain and impact cases are the perfect accessory for your outdoor trips, so you don't have to worry about the weather.

For those who are proud of their current case and who do not wish to change, we have also thought of you, by developing universal adhesive U-Tag fasteners, which are directly attached to the back of your case, so that it becomes compatible with our fixing systems.

Why choose Tigra Sport bicycle phone mounts and protective cases?

Tigra Sport offers a simple and secure way to keep your phone with you in all situations. Whether by bike, motorbike, car or everyday, your phone is protected. One case is enough, since our protective cases are compatible with every support, whatever it is. Take advantage of our

FitClic and FitClic Neo case + mounting kits for smartphones with 10% reduction by subscribing to our newsletter.

In addition, all our supports are guaranteed for two years, allowing you to easily replace a broken part, or directly receive a new support.

For any additional information, you can contact our after-sales service, and we will do our best to answer you as quickly as possible.tigra sport armorshield

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