Essential bike accessories for this summer

With the arrival of the warm weather and the holidays, we have even more opportunities and reasons to get out on our bikes. However, it is essential to have all the necessary equipment to fully enjoy and ride your bike safely. At Tigra Sport, we offer you a list of essential bicycle accessories, such as helmets, bicycle phone mounts, etc… to have a great summer on your bike.

Essential bicycle accessories

First of all, discover the range of bicycle accessories to ensure your safety when travelling by bicycle, whatever your activity: city bike, cargo bike, mountain bike, road bike or fixie.

  • A bike helmet : Helmets are compulsory safety equipment for children and highly recommended for adults. Helmet manufacturers offer a wide range of models, both classic and original, simple or technical, incorporating lighting or a signalling system. The choice is vast and adapted to the different practices of cyclists and to a wide public. From a safety accessory, you can also make it a fashion accessory.
  • A bright bike light : although the days get longer in summer, you may find yourself riding in a dark area such as a tunnel or being caught out at night. LED or dynamo bike lights is therefore essential to ensure that you are visible to motorists, but also to other cyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles. For good lighting, with a battery and quality LEDs, do not hesitate to pay the price.
  • A bike bell : it allows you to signal a danger. Very useful for catching the attention of people walking in town, or for scooters.
  • A lock : There are different types of locks: U-shaped, frame, folding, chain, cable... Your choice will depend on the level of security you are looking for. The price is an important criterion that will guide you in your choice.

With the holidays and summer just around the corner, for anyone planning a bike trip, we thought it would be interesting to highlight travel-related bike accessories.

  • Bike bags: These are very useful for carrying your luggage. You can attach panniers to either side of your luggage rack. But also on the frame, on the seatpost or under the handlebars. With the rise of bicycle touring, partly thanks to the EAB (electrically assisted bicycle), bikepacking bags have appeared and are very popular with cyclists. Their price varies according to the fabric used, the size and the number of compartments.
  • The backpack: another practical solution for storing your belongings when you travel by bike. The bicycle backpack is very specific and offers storage and attachments adapted to the various bicycle accessories needed to travel safely, such as a pocket for storing a padlock, an attachment for fixing a rear light, etc
  • Clothing: If you're going cycling this summer, be sure to choose suitable, lightweight, breathable clothing that is adapted to the weather. There are cycling clothes that incorporate fluorescent and reflective fabrics for optimum visibility.
  • The trailer: you have planned a cycling holiday with your children. For the little ones, a trailer is essential to transport them.
  • The bicycle pump: always very useful. For bicycle tours, choose a compact size, light weight and low price.


Bicycle smartphone holders

In this section, we will focus on bike mounts. As the smartphone has become an indispensable part of our daily lives, it is also indispensable for our leisure activities. It is therefore important to choose a good phone holder and case for the bike.

At Tigra Sport, you can choose among 3 bike mounts:

  • The handlebar/stem bike mount: compact, discreet, it is mounted directly to the handlebars of your bike or to the stem. It is available with the Fitclic and Fitclic Neo mounting system. It is recommended for urban cyclists - velotaf, bike courier, fixie, cargo - and for mountain bike use. The price of the bike mount strap is cheaper than the price of the other two bike holders.
  • The bike mount forward : the elegant and robust aluminium arm of this bike mount is attached to the left-hand side of your handlebars, allowing your phone to be perfectly aligned with the stem. This configuration offers optimal comfort. It is generally recommended for road cyclists. It is also available with the Fitclic and Fitclic Neo mounting system.
  • The bike mount stem cap : designed exclusively for stem mounting, this mount integrates perfectly with your bike and provides excellent visibility of your phone screen.


Once you have chosen the most suitable mount for your bike and your riding style, it is important to choose a good protective case for your smartphone. The questions you should ask yourself before buying your protection are the level of protection you expect and the price range you want. You should also check whether the Tigra Sport case is available for your smartphone model. If not, you can opt for one of the universal solutions offered at very reasonable prices.

So, which bike accessories will you need this summer for your cycling trips?

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